I’m Shawn Turner, an actor, digital marketer, content producer and millennial activist. As a teenager, I played various sports and participated in student government because I want to make a difference in this world. No, I wasn’t your straight-A nerd, emo, a typical jock, bully, or the ‘cool’ black kid. In fact, I was all of the above which made me equally unpopular as well as popular.

Even today as an entrepreneur I am still considered a misfit. Typically, I live in a reality where I play by my own rules and everything works out for me just fine. About 7 years ago is when I started learning about online marketing. Throughout many trails and error, I ultimately had to put together my own affiliate marketing strategy, the content on this site will ultimately teach you the most effective ways of how to make money online.

But first I want to give you some food for thought…

Do you know your life’s purpose?

My vision is to inspire with innovation, moments of optimism and happiness by giving a voice to misfits and neutralizing modern-day conflict(s). #TunnelVision #OneMatter

Believe it or not, I basically summarized my past, present, and future into one sentence. The power of knowing who you are is the capstone to a brilliant mindset, despite what others may say or think YOU owe it to yourself and the ones who are pushing you to be successful!

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